Chenonceau castle

The castle was first owned by the crown and then became the residence of the King. It is a beautiful site which most renowned for the way it was built, over the river Cher, but also for its destiny: the castle was loved and managed by prestigious women such as Diane de Poitiers and Catherine de Medicis. Nowadays, Chenonceau Castle is the most visited castle in France, after Versailles.


In French History, Chenonceau is known as “the Ladies’ Castle”. It was built in 1513 by Katherine Briçonnet and embellished by Diane de Poitiers and Catherine de Medicis. It was saved from the Revolution by Madame Dupin.


This feminine touch can be seen everywhere in the castle and this is what preserved it from conflicts and wars, and what has always made it a peaceful place. 

Chambord castle

A dream that has long been shared by each and every one of us finally comes true: as a truly extravagant Château in every way and masterpiece of the French Renaissance, Chambord is yours to explore at will.
Take the double spiral staircase, which two people can go up or down without ever meeting, and head to the royal apartments of François I and Louis XIV. The floor above immerses you in the world of royal hunts. Continue up to the terraces and you’ll find yourself surrounded by roofing and chimneys forming a fairytale village, as if suspended in the sky. Look down towards the grand canal and … beyond to the wild game reserve.

Amboise Castle

The Royal Château of Amboise welcomes you every day of the year (except on 1st January and on 25th December). This emblematic monument and its landscaped gardens offer one of the most remarkable panoramas of the Loire valley, and are registered as a World Heritage site by Unesco.

Each visit has its own special way of looking at this exceptional site of French history: its political and artistic importance within Europe in the Renaissance; intimate moments in the sovereigns' lives, daily life in Court and behind the scenes.